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Our Programs


We believe in enabling young people to achieve mastery through training, capacity building activities, talks, storytelling and providing information that is key to personal growth as well as providing free counselling sessions during these forums.
We also endeavor to create awareness of self – sustainability programs through entrepreneurship training, hands-on demonstrations and personal finance management.
Young people are further networked and empowered through Mashinani Youth Program with a focus to expose and network them with global opportunities to trigger mindset transformation and cause a change in their lives and those around them. This is achieved through community-based youth activities, awareness creation among peers and social accountability.
Community engagements through young people on gender-based violence, sexual abuses among the young people, exploitation and self -awareness on right to dignity and right to proper education and parental care.
Social awareness on drug and substance abuse through seminars, churches, schools and media platforms to curb the young ones from such vices and encourage them to engage into more productive community and entrepreneurial programs.


Innovation Leadership Program (ILP) provides workshops, training and strategic innovation development programs for high potential leaders, managers, executives and cooperate teams. By uncovering the new opportunities, we define strategies for pursuing them, advancing and tapping into personal potentials, instilling critical leadership skills to individuals for guiding their teams and organization in the spirit of fostering a culture of innovation in them.
The innovation academy is a comprehensive leadership experience conducted over 5 days that will create a new culture and transform leaders and their teams while executing real innovation.
We also carry out hands-on leadership programs for personal and professional career advancement to both students and graduates to prepare them for the current and future job markets. This is done through career forums in various learning institutions and hands-training programs for graduates done regularly in various parts of the country.
Youth and Beyond Youth: This is a project designed to empower youth organizations and the Kenyan citizenry to have a voice and constructively engage in development processes. The project targets youth (both male and female) and PWDs to form vibrant movements that will activate participation within youth groups to enable active contribution and participation in development processes, for good governance, democratic transformation, transparency and accountability.
This project enables networking between Kenyan youth within and without the country. Within the country, the project will establish several working groups in the various counties of operation. The working groups are platforms for advocacy, with each county having its own peculiar challenges facing the youth.


We provide high impact educative games and team building activities for children of age (6 to 10) years on:
1. Values-based program that focuses on instilling value sets to children giving them a sense of direction in their decision-making capacity and accountability in their lifestyle.
2. Super kids connect program that focuses on grooming children with soft skills, self-awareness tips and etiquette.
3. School mentorship programs to encourage the young ones to put the effort in everything they do by using old members and current members as examples of success; and as well providing motivation through old pupil’s association linkages and a kitty towards them, kept on behalf of the school by the association.
4. Tree planting activities in various primary schools to encourage young ones and educate them on the importance of a clean and healthy environment. These tree seedlings may be outsourced from the government, environmental clubs or purchased through the alumni association.

We emphasize on spiritual, emotional, mental and social well-being of individuals by providing free counselling to them.

We conduct mentorship sessions and programs for groups of people, institutions, individuals to teach and inform them in their different relevant spaces.

We challenge and educate individuals, teams and entrepreneurs on the different approaches to identifying new ventures and opportunities for value creation.

We train leaders and individuals on matters self-leadership and servant leadership to attain deviant results with themselves or their teams and by doing so inspiring generations on transformational leadership.

We transform lives through the supply of resourceful content on digital media, exposing individuals to opportunities and mentorship to tap into their potential and lead a purposeful life.

We commit to uphold the value and prominence of humanity by fostering a culture of innovation among individuals (SDG9), promoting their well-being (SDG3) through counselling and championing for gender equality (SDG 5) among communities. We will do so by providing quality education (SDG4) through mentorship, experiential training, capacity building activities as well as engaging global partners (SDG17) for sustainable development.


1. Awarded at the University Student Leaders Awards as one of the most effective initiatives for social change 2018.
2. A recognition at the Zuri Awards for being young achievers at the fore front of change.
3. A daycare in Laikipia University was actualized following a conversation initiated by Hidden Tears Kenya in the year 2017, on matters challenges faced by young parents in high learning institutions especially in Kenya.
4. 2,648 young people reached and mentored through our mentorship sessions and programs.
5. 5 individuals given access to free one on one counselling sessions
6. 10 young people attended IHUB conference hosted by the first lady Laikipia County, Mrs. Maria Mbeneka under Mashinani Youth Program.
7. Less than 5 cases (2019) from 20 cases (2018) of unwanted teenage pregnancies recorded in Kyemundu location, Mbitini Ward, following mentorship session offered to young ladies under Lead a Girl program.
8. 200 young people found access to talent growth training during the National Catholic Festivals with excellent performance since 2017.
9. Everyday supply of content production to digital media users that has had positive feedback and resourceful interactions.